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Our puppies range from $4500 to $7000 depends on the colour, pedigree, parents, gender, etc. and are priced individually when they are 2 to 4 weeks old

Our pricing is not negotiable.

Yorkie puppies
Yorkies sleeping together

Deposit Policy and Payment:

To reserve your puppy, you’re required to place a $500 non-refundable deposit. The deposit will be applied to the final price. If you’ll change your mind for whatever the reason deposit is not refundable.

Forms of the payment: E-Transfer, bank transfer, cash

We offer the highest quality Yorkshire Terries in Vancouver, Beautiful British Columbia


This signed contract is accompanied by a deposit of $500 towards the purchase price of the puppy as stated above. Puppy must be paid in full and pick up arrangements made 30 days in advance of pick up date.

All our puppies come with 6 weeks of Pet Insurance paid for by the Seller and a 1 year health guarantee from date of birth for all hereditary life threatening conditions. Within this 1 year guarantee if the dog is found to have any life threatening congenital illness, vet records must be forwarded to breeder and consultation with breeders vet will be conducted. Breeder must be included in any life decisions of this puppy. Failure to do so will VOID the guarantee and no replacement puppy will be given. If breeders vet agrees to diagnosis, puppy must be returned to breeder at seller’s expense for another puppy of equal value and same sex from same puppy parents. If breeder does not have one, then buyer agrees to wait for next litter, at which time buyer will have first buyer pick. There will be NO cash refunds for any reason.

Seller guarantees that puppy will be vet checked before pickup and will be current on all age appropriate vaccines and deworming. Pet Records will be given to the new buyer for them to continue de-worming protocols and vaccines as deemed appropriate in future.

Buyer agrees to have said puppy vet checked within 72 hours of pick up (excluding weekends and holidays) and email a copy of vet record check to the breeder as confirmation of said appointment within the 72 hour time limit requirement. Failure to attend your vet within 72 hours will VOID the health guarantee portion of this contract. All other stipulations and clauses of this contract will remain in force. Puppy will be weighed before departure and weight recorded. New puppy parents should keep track of puppy weight to make sure the puppy is thriving. Vet visits will also record puppy weight.

Seller is not responsible for any conditions brought on by the stress of shipping or new home relocation or adaptation of puppy into new family environment. These conditions are, but not limited to: diarrhea, hypoglycemia, Coccidiosis, Giardia, Car Sickness, vomiting or refusal to eat. Buyer will be prepared and educated on the stresses of introducing a new puppy to your family and be prepared with calorie rich nutritional supplements to prevent a drop in blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) which is life threatening to your new puppy. A preventative meeting with your vet is recommended so that you have the supplies necessary should they be needed.

Buyer is cautioned not to visit dog parks, or put puppy down on pavement, counters, floors in public spaces, visit pet stores, or any public areas before all shots are received. Parvo virus lives in the soil and on surfaces and is easily contracted by vulnerable puppies. Buyer is also cautioned to limit exposure to strangers, to encourage everyone to wash hands and remove footwear outside the home to limit viruses being brought into the puppy environment before the puppy is fully vaccinated. Please thoroughly clean your floors with a disinfectant that will kill viruses living on your floor surfaces, and rinse properly before bringing your puppy home.

Seller is also not responsible for any of the following once the 72 hours has expired: Parvo, Distemper, Lepto, or any other contagious virus. These are life threatening and require immediate vet care. Please keep your puppy away from grass, standing water, areas where other animals may leave droppings that puppy can consume, or long grass where ticks can attach to your puppy.

Seller is not liable for retained puppy teeth, hernias, luxating patellas, kennel cough, dew claws, weight loss, other infections, or ears that do not stand. All these issues are environmental and are preventable or treatable, or cosmetic in nature.

Buyer agrees not to use collars on puppy. For safety reasons, a harness is the only acceptable method. Puppy should not be tied outdoors unattended. Harness should only be used when the dog is on a leash being walked. Buyer agrees not to use any type of restraint on the puppy while indoors or at night, or when a puppy owner is not supervising to avoid choking or hanging hazards. Small dogs are prey to Eagles, Hawks, Vultures, Owls, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, etc. Supervision is always required unless puppies are in a safe attached enclosure with roof and walls such as a sunroom or attached enclosed escape proof deck or porch.

Yorkies are notorious climbers. Crates or xpens with vertical bars are recommended so puppies cannot climb to the top and fall out breaking a leg or neck. If you must use an xpen to contain your puppy, please purchase one with a top or use additional panels to enclose it so the puppy does not injure itself. Also, when purchasing an xpen, please use extreme caution to make sure there are no areas a puppy can get a leg caught when jumping up. It is recommended to line the inside top half of these pens with white board so your new puppy cannot get a toe hold to climb up.

Our puppies are not docked, nor do they have dew claws removed. We do not believe in surgically altering our puppies for aesthetic reasons. We love to see them wag them happily and believe the full tail is an extension of the dog. Our dogs are sold and priced as Pets only.

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